Defense of Locks (not running in print)

Tony Bouressa

Just because you have an opinion and someone else’s holds a different opinion, does that make you so much smarter than them? I am asking this of Heath (because aparently no one uses first names anymore) who obviously feels that he is a better person, simply because he can tell us who was Secretary of this and that under the Reagan administration. He obvioulsy knows all the facts, has a rock solid opinion, and is therefore way smarter than Josh and anyone else who is unsure of anything.
Let’s look at a few things. First of all, grammar; you criticzed Locks for his use of ‘Iraq people’ and then turned around and said ‘Iraq war;’ I’m an econ major, but this sounds like the same mistake to me. I think you meant ‘war in Iraq.’. Maybe you should worry about your own spell check before you go editing everyone else’s letters.
Second, despite the fact that you are obviously so much better than the rest of us, you seem to have missed the point of the article. He did not say that we shouldn’t criticize the government. In fact, he said he likes hearing opposing viewpoints and it’s ok to bad mouth. He simply said that you should recognize both sides of what is being argued. Maybe if you would open your mind to other people’s views before you start ripping them apart, you would see that.
Third, when Hitler killed Jews, everyone said, why do you care? They’re just Jews. Is that what you are saying about Kurds? The point isn’t when he started caring (I want to italicize the when, but I’m afraid that Heath might have a hissy fit) The point is that he cared.
Apparently common arguments are not good enough for you, except for the fact that you make the same mainstream anti-war arguments that everyone else does. What’s that about people in glass houses? The reason they are mainstream (in both cases) is because they are the best arguments.
Finally, lighten up a little. For God sake the man quoted Tupac in his article. If you took the stick out of your butt and the plugs out of your ears, maybe you would be able to picture the smirk Josh has on his face every time he thinks about how hysterical you got just because he thinks differently from you.
To Y.H.-give the kids some credit, its not that hard for a ten year old to pull a trigger, watch Rules of Engagement. And have the guts to put your name down.