Stuc’s Pizza: A dining experience that your pocketbook won’t forgive and you won’t forget

Ceilidh Mar

DON&T BE FOOLED by its modest exterior. Stuc&s Pizza, while it serves good comfort food, will set you back more than you might expect. Be especially aware of the beverage prices. (Laurent Frecon)

As you walk into Stuc’s Pizza you are immediately tempted by the display case of beautiful desserts and a slightly spicy scent from the sauce. But I must warn you, don’t come here if you are already hungry or low on cash. Seated in a small dining area without many customers one could expect fairly prompt service. Don’t. After the initial drink order, don’t assume that you will see the waitress anytime soon. Service was slow and slightly inattentive. If you are short on time this is not the place to go.

Which brings up one of the larger problems of with Stuc’s. While waiting an eternity for your food, force yourself to drink slowly! Refills are not free and are actually rather expensive.

The place charges extra for a drink without ice because it means the customer gets a few sips more of drink. This applies even to drinks that normally get refills, such as iced tea. Keep this in mind when you order.

Also, deep-dish pizzas take longer to make, so be prepared to wait.

When the food finally arrives, don’t expect elaborate fare. The food is fairly simple; not bad, but far from gourmet. It is best described as Italian comfort food. Good but basic pasta, a slightly spicy sauce and a chewy crust. As comfort food goes, this is probably some of the best in the area.

The pizza is filling and the amount of pasta that comes in an order is enough for two meals. Unfortunately, the salad was uninspired and the dressing had too much vinegar.

But overall the meal was fairly satisfying; that is, until you get the bill. The cost of one order of pasta was about the same as a pizza, yet the pizza will serve several people.

The easiest mistake to make when assessing Stuc’s is to assume the prices are low because the atmosphere isn’t very elegant. Cement floors usually equal lower prices. Not really the case here; it just portrays that image. Just remember that before you go in and you won’t be surprised when the bill comes.

Overall, the service leaves something to be desired and because of the refill situation you get the impression that the business is a little sparse when it comes to extras. The environment is simple, but far from unpleasant, and the food, though not cheap, is filling, familiar, and leaves you pleasantly content.

If you have the time and money, Stuc’s is a passable way to spend a casual evening.