What’s on your iPod?

In honor of the Harvester of Heart’s day on Monday, here is a playlist of songs revolving around lust – and its closely related and often confused-with cousin, love.1. James Pants, “Darlin'”
From the name, James Pants, you get a sense of his music’s quirkiness. He’s a very eccentric guy. For his third album release, “Love Kraft,” due February, the lyrics sound like a teenage boy’s poem for his prom date. He rhymes “weak” with “week,” for crying out loud. But it works. I’m betting that it will be released on Valentine’s Day.

2. Shit Robot, “I Found Love”
This whole song is off-kilter. A bass singer that sounds like Andre the Giant with some odd spacey reverb sings nostalgically about how he “found love at the discotheque,” proving that love can be found in all the least possible places and in the strangest ways. The beginning starts with a squishy synth-sounding melody. Midway through the song, he pauses and recalls the first moment he met love.

3. Loné, “Love Heads”
Listening to this, and most other of Loné’s tunes, is like floating apart from your body. It’s a psychedelic experience. Pitches bend and sound fades in and out. He uses bell tones and hip-hop beats underneath melodies that sound like wind chimes. You go numb after a while of listening to his music. Kinda like being in love.

4. Le Le, “Breakfast”
Watch the music video of this song, illustrated by Piet Parra, the famous underground designer who is also a member of Le Le. This song is nothing short of a cult dance hit. It’s super cool, witty and sexy: “You the cheese on my baguette / The jelly on my bread / The French on my toast / Where the hoes at? / Bitch, you breakfast.” Holla at a playa!

5. In Flagranti, “Ex Ex Ex”
What is this song about? Say the title three times fast! Amanda Blank provides the perfectly provocative vocals for listing off slang sex terms. If you come across an In Flagranti album in your vinyl store, it will most likely have a big black censorship bar across it. The dirty and slightly dark disco-funk beats of the song complement the pornographic covers.

6. Space Rangers, “Love Don’t Come Easy”
Space Ranger is one of my favorite deep house artists, alongside Tornado Wallace and Tiger & Woods, now Pop & Eye. Part of their draw is their mysteriousness, but they also make killer remakes of vintage disco and funk hits. Somehow, they have a knack for making songs sound more seductive. For this song, Space Ranger cut-and-pasted New Jersey Connection’s song of the same title, slowed it down and added some echo effects.

7. Jacques Renault, “Pleasure”
The first time I heard Jacques Renault was on his remix of “Beam Me Up” by Midnight Magic, and I have been a fan ever since. It’s easily one of the best remixes of last year. His style is much like that of In Flagranti. Especially for this song, the sultry female vocals are really belted out, accompanied by a super funky bass line. It’s enough to really heat up the dance floor: “Your love is exciting / Gives me such a thrill / Pleasure!” It’s classic.

8. Cassius, “I <3 U So"
This is an epic love song that you’ll want to keep on repeat for a few rotations. While a soulful singer repeats, “Ooo, I love you so / But why I love you, I’ll never know,” electric strings resembling a swarm of angry bees drive this beautiful melody forward. Simple. Powerful.

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