Ask a fifth-year

Evan Williams

Dear Evan,
While I’m not really into sports, I support Chicago teams since I’m from the Chicagoland area. Naturally, I was disappointed to see “Da Bears” fall to our rival Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game.
Since I no longer have a vested interest in the outcome, I was wondering: is it worth it to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday – and should I root for the Packers since LU is in Cheesehead territory?Thanks,
Sad Bear at a snowy picnic table

Hi, Sad Bear. It seems like we have a lot in common. Maybe we should hang out! Like you, I am also from the Chicagoland area and very sad that our team isn’t going to the Super Bowl. I also don’t really care about sports, but I support Chicago teams, especially when they’re doing well. Except for the Cubs. I hate the Cubs, and they don’t do well anyway.
I think you should watch the Super Bowl, and that you will thoroughly enjoy it. Why? Because the Packers are going to get destroyed.
Yes, I know it’s sportsmanship or whatever to root for the team in your division or conference at the Super Bowl, but with a rivalry as fierce and bloody as Bears/Packers, I don’t see how solidarity can happen and healing can begin.
Even though we are in the middle of enemy territory, I have no incentive to cheer for the Pack on Sunday. I remember Feb. 2007 when we lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl, and none of my Cheesehead friends rooted for Da Bears, and to add insult to injury, they mocked us Bears fans after we lost.
Well, even though it’s been four years, I would like nothing more than to see the Packers have their hopes crushed on Sunday. Why all the animosity after four years, and especially since many of these people have graduated? Well, revenge is a dish best served not only cold, but also frozen – just ask Dr. Victor Fries.
Plus, the Packers are probably going to lose anyway. I’m no ESPN sports expert, but the Packers squeaked into the playoffs as the number-six seed – I assume that means sixth place – and the Steelers won their division, so the Steelers are a better team – I guess.
So even though this is the first Super Bowl appearance by Green Bay in a long time, and it’s kind of neat that the Packers are a non-profit team owned by the fans, and a whole bunch of other heartwarming mumbo-jumbo, this Cinderella story is going to end with the Steelers slapping the glass slipper out of the prince’s hand and shattering the hopes and dreams of a city – and in many ways, a state – into a thousand pieces.
The Steelers are going to melt the dreams of these Cheeseheads and then we will stab those dreams with our sharp tortilla chips of mockery. How many more allusions to my hate for the Packers can I make? Thousands! But there’s not enough room or ink to print them in this paper.
So, yes, Sad Bear, watch the Super Bowl on Sunday and root for the Steelers. Then on Monday laugh heartily in the face of any Packers fans you know. Of course, if the Packers win, avoid these friends and pretend like you didn’t watch the game.