Sports Trivia

Matt Hoh

Sports Trivia
1. 1945 was the first year that the NFL had an official team on the West Coast
2. Michael Schumacher won the 1994 FIA Formula One world championship
3. Sweden won the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics
4. “King James” was the nickname for Lebron James in 2005
5. The Boston Red Sox were originally founded in 1871 as the Boston Red Stockings
1. False. The Los Angeles Buccaneers joined the NFL in 1926. The Buccaneers did not have a home stadium though, and they played all games on the road. They finished their season 5th in the league. The team only lasted one season.
2. True. He was a seven-time Formula 1 champion. 1994 marked his first championship; his last win was in 2004.
3. True. Sweden did win the 2006 Olympics along with the World Hockey Championship.
4. True. Lebron James had the nickname “King James” after he was drafted as the first pick in the first round by the Cavaliers in the NBA draft.
5. False. The Boston Red Stockings changed their name to the Boston Beaneaters in 1883. They also changed their name to the Dovers, the Rustlers, the Braves and the Bees, before sticking with the Boston Braves in 1941. After ten years, the team moved to Wisconsin and became the Milwaukee Braves. Then after 13 seasons they moved to Atlanta with the name Braves and have been there since the 1966 season.