Badgers and Brewers and Packers, oh my!

Torrin Thatcher

I think the only Wisconsinites who were happy this weekend were bar and liquor-store owners.
Friday I was in the VR enjoying the telecast of back-to-back baseball games, and Professor Dave Hall took a seat next to me to discuss life and sports.
In preparation for the Wisconsin game against Ohio State Saturday night, we talked about the Badgers and the difficulty of playing Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State all in one year — let alone in consecutive weeks. Since 1995, we’ve played Michigan and Ohio State each 10 times and Penn State 11 times — game 12 this Saturday — for an overall record of 12-19.
The Badgers dropped game 19 to Ohio State this week after failing to stop the Buckeye offense. The Badgers had a chance to move quickly down within field goal range, but Allan Evridge rolled to his left and found a wide open Buckeye on the first play.
We have yet to play a complete game, or a “full four quarters” as talking heads like to call it. Good thing the Badger marching band puts on a good fifth quarter, right? Oh, wait …
Sunday afternoon was that most painful day of sports in Wisconsin.
When the playoffs began, I was a realist and prepared for the Brewers to be bounced in the first round because I thought they could not match up to the Phillies, as evidenced throughout the season.
I was not surprised to see Cole Hamels shut us down. I was stunned when C. C. Sabathia choked once again in the postseason. Dave Bush gave us a nice performance Saturday to give a glimmer of hope, but Suppan lived up to his $44 million contract and threw the ball to Pat Burrell’s bat.
We will have to wait and see how the offseason goes for the Brewers — if Sabathia is going to get the money he wants — check out his episode of MTV’s “Cribs” — and if Ben Sheets will stop forming his butt groove in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Let us hope everything does not fall apart.
What was the only good thing to come of the Brewers win? We got farther than the Cubs. Yes, Cubs fans, you won the division, but you got dominated by Joe and Manny and failed to win a game. Moreover, you got dominated in Chicago. Twice.
Let us wrap this week up with a quick glimpse of what the Packers need to do this weekend against the Seahawks.
I will say it simply: The Seahawks just got assaulted without arrest in New York –even David Carr threw for a score! — and are playing very poorly in Mike Holmgren’s final year on the sidelines.
If the Packers fail to produce a win Sunday on the west coast, I may have to go over to Ted Thompson’s house to set up a new security system because that would be the safe thing to do, right?
He will want to install a brand-new, untested system instead of using his old, reliable system that never breaks. Some people just never learn …