SOUP brings Guster to Appleton–afl -dlh

Cory Robinson

Two years ago SOUP’s Big Event Committee brought us Ben Folds live in the Lawrence Chapel, a performance even those of us who were not yet at Lawrence have heard spoken of with wide acclaim. Now the committee is at it again, this time bringing in the three-piece band Guster, whose fresh and eclectic sound promises to provide another event to remember. Guster will perform on April 27 in the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center on College Avenue, with ticket prices at $12.50 for Lawrence students, $25 for students from other colleges, and $30 for the general public. Tickets go on sale March 30, and can be purchased at the PAC or the Lawrence Box Office.
Earlier this year you may have voted in a survey distributed by SOUP asking students to choose from a list of possible bands to perform at Lawrence. Although options ranged from The Postal Service to Wyclef Jean, Guster was the overwhelming choice of respondents, with over 50 percent of the vote. After gaining approval from the LUCC Finance Committee, SOUP secured Guster’s performance and began searching for a middle act, as Guster will provide its own opening act. Big Events Coordinator Fred Dias said that the middle act under consideration is “up and coming,” with a top-ten hit, but is not as well known as Guster.
The members of Guster include acoustic guitarists Adam Gardner and Ryan Miller, and bongo drummer Brian Rosenwood. Big Events Committee member Kristin Hammargren, herself a fan of Guster, described their sound as alternative and upbeat. Guster is known for giving excellent performances and for having a sound that is interesting and nontraditional. Having met as students at Tufts University in the early nineties, Guster has gained a broader fan base in the past five years or so.
Dias said he thinks Guster will be a success here because they deliver good music that “just excites people.” “We have a big crowd that likes them,” he said, referring to not just the Lawrence student body but the Appleton community as well. Since the PAC holds more seats than Lawrence can fill, it is important for the act to appeal to a wide audience.
The concert will be hosted by Mix 95.9 FM, which will provide advertising and giveaways to promote the event, as well as devoting a substantial amount of playtime to Guster’s music. SOUP appreciates this partnership and hopes to garner others through the concert. When Ben Folds came to Lawrence, SOUP offered a block of tickets to Ripon, who they later joined with to bring the Second Cities improvisational comedy act to campus last year. Since Guster’s concert will be held in the PAC, it is also a chance to reach out to the Appleton community and join together with them to enjoy this show.
Coordinator Fred Dias emphasized the scale of this event. “We don’t do a lot outside of Lawrence,” he said, “so when we bring a name that people know about, it is something to tell about back home.” He and Hammargren are excited about all aspects of this concert: the performers, the venue, and the partnership with Mix 95.9. Dias believes that, with Guster, SOUP will accomplish their goal of bringing something special, something “bigger than usual” to the Lawrence community and to Appleton.