Reader infuriated by ‘David & Goliath’

Ben Dictus

This is in response to the “David vs. Goliath” article that was printed in the last issue. I was forced to write this with an angry fervor for two reasons, the first being the misleading, poor choice of a title and second being that the article was written and based on pure ignorance.The misleading title that was used last issue was used completely out of context. By using the title of “David vs. Goliath” you are implying that a weaker party overcomes a stronger party because of the righteousness of their cause. That the small guy wins because what he is doing is right, and that good always triumphs. But the article abuses and distorts the use of the metaphor by saying that ” the roles reverse.” America becomes Goliath and Iraq becomes David. Isn’t America trying to help free the Iraq people from a tyrannical leader? If so, then why are we put in the shoes of the evil giant and why does Iraq get the role of the liberator. This is a horribly askew view. If you’re going to use an ancient biblical metaphor then at least use it correctly and in the right context. You can’t tell a story and then say, “Ya, it was exactly like that, but the opposite.

The second problem I had with the article was its inaccuracy. The coalition leaders never said that the war would be quick and that it would be over in a 10-day period. They HOPED that it would a “swift and decisive” war to prevent bloodshed but if it would happen to take longer, so be it. And to say the Iraqi citizens still support Saddam is false and ludicrous claim. The Iraqi people cheered when a huge idol of Saddam was pulled from its pedestal. To me, that means that they are glad to get rid of him. We also see, as the war nears its end and the control of Baghdad falls into coalition hands, the Iraqi people rejoicing and parading in the streets. And where are these “elite Republican Guards” that were supposed to fight till the end. I would dare to guess that they are hiding in fear with Saddam, or even better, maybe they have all been disbanded or destroyed.

The most infuriating thing about that poorly written article was when it was stated the Iraqi forces are “fearless and courageous.” Fearless people don’t set up bases in hospitals and wear civilian clothes so they won’t be shot. Both of which are proven facts, (you might have to actually watch the news or check it online to find this out, instead of guessing). As for the fake surrenders, why would American soldiers tell how their comrades where gunned down as they approached “surrendering” Iraq with tears in their eyes. The families of the dead soldiers lost their loved ones because of “courageous” Iraqi fake surrenders. Where is this courage? Because I don’t see it.

To sum it all up into one sentence: Don’t write about something if you have no clue what is going on. Also, don’t make America look like the bad guy and Saddam the good. Making America look evil creates the feeling that you are an anti-American, which is not cool. You can be anti-war, pro-war, or whatever, it doesn’t really matter as long as you still support your country and the people that are defending it. Don’t take to lightly the freedoms we have, people are dying for us. If you don’t respect America and our freedoms then leave, America doesn’t need you and never did.