Housing selection fast approaching

Jonathan Isaacson

The new dorm will be prepared to house 183 upperclassmen at the start of the 2003-2004 academic year. Most of the rooms are quads, with double suites and very few singles also available. There will be an information session about the new residence hall housing selection on Wednesday, April 30, 7 (Jessie Augustyn)

Heitt Hall, the new residence hall, will offer students more suite-style living starting in the 2003-2004 school year. The new 183-bed hall will offer 20 double suites, 33 quads-15 suites and 18 regular quads, and two singles. Students will have their opportunity to select the quads on Tuesday, May 20. It should be noted that Heitt will be available only to upperclassmen.

Some changes in the housing procedure have been made concerning the quads in Heitt. Due to the large number of quads now available to students, any of the quads that do not get selected in quad and suite selection will go into the general housing lottery to be selected as doubles.

Also a change from prior policy is the allowing of mixed-gender quads. If students so choose, they may compose a group of two men and two women who would like to share a quad.

As the new residence hall will have two separate bedrooms in each quad, each with its own lock, residence life has decided to allow these arrangements.

Because students still have questions regarding the new residence hall, residence life has scheduled an informational meeting on Wednesday, April 30 at 7:30 p.m. in the Coffeehouse.

The quad, suite, and triple selection on May 20 will include all quads, suites, and triples on campus. The rooms in Heitt, Sage, the Exec Houses, and other small houses will be up for selection that day.

Squatting (keeping the same room with the same roommate) will be done on the May 20 as well. Students planning on squatting must plan to be on campus all terms next year. Squatting applies to both singles and doubles.

Single selection will happen two days later, on the 22nd. With the new quads opening, there is a potential for more singles to be open for sophomores, as the quads are expected to be a popular housing option.

Doubles selection will take place the following week on May 29. At this time, all the quads not selected will be available as two double rooms, to be selected as any other double would be selected.