James Duncan-Welke

General Council
General Council met on Tuesday, May 20 and Tuesday, May 27. At the May 20 meeting the Council decided that the Student Organization Council (SOC) plan proposed by the previous administration is not the best approach to increasing communication and collaboration between student organizations and will take up the issue again next year. The Council also approved the formation of two new theme houses, the Fusion house and the Chamber Music house, as well as approved the addition of the Appleton Post-Crescent to the USA Today Readership program (expect to see copies delivered to your dorm next year!).
A change to the LUCC by-laws to increase funding for the Lawrentian was also approved.
General Council will not be meeting again this term. Elections will be held early next year, and the first General Council meeting of the term will be held shortly thereafter.Finance Committee has finalized LUCC’s 2008-2009 budget. Any questions regarding the budget can be directed to Aneesh Chauhan, LUCC’s Treasurer.

Steering Committee has completed spring committee appointments and compiled a list of Lawrence’s 86 active student organizations. A copy of this list is posted on the LUCC bulletin board in the Union.


All student organizations not included in Steering Committee’s list of 86 (mentioned above) are hereby declared defunct, in accordance with LUCC legislation (I. G. 2.02 g). Contact James Duncan-Welke, Chair of Steering, with questions. Groups seeking re-recognition may apply in the fall.

Now that you know where you’re living, consider running for a seat on LUCC next year! If you have questions about the positions, contact LUCC (