Athletes of the Week

Jeanelle Marie

JOSH SCHECKQuestions Asked:

1. How is the team dynamic this season? (Please refrain from simply saying “good.”)
2. After a serious injury last season, how has that experience made you stronger? What has been your biggest accomplishment since?
3. With so many new members to the team, how have the leadership roles changed or stayed the same within the team?
4. What is your all-time favorite or most memorable football moment? (Either in college or high school)
5. What is your traditional pregame meal?

Josh’s Answers:

1. Our team dynamic this year is one that any football team hopes for every year. While we have the defined leadership from upperclassmen that any team needs, we have the rare quality of unity throughout class levels both on and off the field as a team. We have the best athletes Lawrence has had in a while, arguably some of the best in the conference; a good team dynamic is a severe understatement.

2. It takes perseverance to recover from any serious injury and get back to what hurt you in the first place. I feel as though breaking my back was a great lesson in perseverance, not just through injury, but through those days of class and practice when my body or mind is on the edge of breaking down. After going through a serious hardship, I realize most things aren’t nearly as bad as they seem. I would say my biggest accomplishment since is getting back on the field. I feel more than blessed to have the opportunity to play for a football team like the Vikes. You can’t find a team like us anywhere else.

3. Leadership roles have stayed pretty consistent. For the Vikes, everyone knows the upperclassmen are who you look to for guidance, and everybody looks to everyone else for big plays. No one is too young or too small to make a serious impact on our team.

4. My favorite football moment would have to be our night game win against Carroll last year. The energy of the crowd, players and coaches was something that you would have had to be there to understand. I didn’t get to play because of injury, but that game may always be the best game I’ve ever been a part of.

5. My traditional pregame meal may not be the healthiest. I’m a sucker for donuts. When I’m not eating donuts, I’m thinking about eating donuts. So my pregame meal is usually extremely unhealthy at best. Luckily I burn off all those donut calories during the game, right?


Questions Asked:
1. Is there a certain routine that you do before you serve? If so, what is it and is there a reason you do that routine in particular?
2. Do you prefer playing singles or doubles? Why?
3. In your last season, what is something you wish to accomplish in the next few meets?
4. How has the tennis team fared this season? What has been the best “team” moment so far this season?
5. If you could play tennis with any famous tennis player, who would it be and why?

Tara’s Answers:

1. Before I serve, I bounce the ball once on the ground once with my racquet and then twice with my hand, then look to the spot where I’ll serve to. Most people have a routine before the serve so they can get the serve motion down and concentrate.
2. I definitely prefer doubles over singles, especially here at Lawrence because I love playing with Hanah McCarthy as my doubles partner. Not only has she been my partner for all four years of college tennis, but she is also one of my best friends. We play so well together and have so much fun playing.
3. In my last season, I would really like to make the best out of each match. I do so many other things in my life so I do not know how much I will competitively play after college. My goal this year is to just have fun always, because that’s what tennis is for me. Also, I am hoping that Hanah and I can win conference in doubles. Since freshman year, we have come super close and are a match away. Winning with her would be a great end to college tennis.
4. The team this year has done amazing. We have great players and such depth to our team. I would say there are two team best moments: beating Grinnell for the first time since 1995, and also beating St. Norbert the other day, which we haven’t done in years! The match score was 5-4, and we got the win with Emma Kent playing in the dark. She could hardly see the ball, and won. It was great.
5. If I could play with any professional, I think I would choose James Blake. There are so many amazing players, but James is just an all-around amazing person. After he came back to tennis from a severe neck and back injury, and his father died of cancer, I think he is extremely inspiring and a great role model.