What do you DO all day?

Regina Siefert

We see the staff members of Lawrence University all the time – professors, residence hall directors, security officers, janitors, the people that work at physical plant, the admissions directors, the cooks – everyone that works hard to make Lawrence run smoothly. We know, at least in part, what jobs they do. But don’t you ever wonder what they are like? What do they like? How did they end up here? How do they like their jobs? What do they do when they’re not working? This article will allow you to get to know at least one Lawrence staff member better, Union Grill cook Matt Coerper.
With his Lawrence baseball cap perched backward on his head and an apron tied around an untucked gray polo and jeans, the bearded Coerper is a familiar sight to the morning and early afternoon grill-goers. “I’ve been working here for three years,” he said after the lunch rush ended one Monday. During his shift, you could see Coerper working diligently to make all the food. Order numbers were called out in rapid succession as the finished products were set up on the counter. In the event that there was actually a break between orders, Coerper joked around with his coworkers. “We all get along pretty good,” he said. Coerper also said that he gets along with the students pretty well. “It’s nice because you pretty much get to see the same people every day, and you know what they like,” he added.
Three years ago, Coerper was looking for a job through Job Center when he saw that a position at the grill was available. He faxed in his rsum, and Dining Services called him back and offered him the position; the rest is history. Coerper works 40 hours a week, nearly every morning and every other weekend. “I cook, do inventory, and do some prep work,” he said. “The job is okay; I would rather not work weekends though.”
During breaks, Coerper usually eats at the grill. The workers get one free meal per shift, after all. And, like nearly every student on this campus, his favorite food on the menu is the chicken tender pita. Big shocker. There is something about the chicken tender pita that is absolutely mouth-watering. What is his least favorite food, you may ask? “Probably the hummus.”
When he isn’t working, Coerper enjoys hanging out with his daughter, Mackenzie. He also likes to hang out and drink beer.
So there you go. At least one of the Lawrence staff has been introduced to you. But instead of reading an article, next time why don’t you ask? Ask your RHD what kind of music they like. Ask one of the cooks what it’s like to work here. Get to know the people around you, and make Lawrence a better community.