April 19 LUCC Meeting

Ryan Young

LUCC’s April 19 meeting was called to order at approximately 4:50 p.m. The committee debated many issues, including the allocation of $1,832 to various campus groups and a vote that made some small houses non-smoking.Before the meeting’s cash allocations, the general fund stood at $26,348.52. MCAC received $1,000 for a speaker they are bringing to campus, the Electronic Music Club received $150 in funding to cover unanticipated housing costs for a performer, and the LU Bird Watching Club received $672 for two trips to area forest preserves and eight bird feeders.

The other major vote of the meeting made the university-owned small houses located on Union Street non-smoking, effective next year. LUCC representatives reported that the majority of their constituents were favorable to the proposed change. Last term, Colman Hall was voted a non-smoking facility starting next year. Later in the term a proposal to ban smoking in Riverview Lounge may be discussed.

A change debated but not voted on would allow small house residents to own a dog or a cat, as fraternities are currently allowed to do. Concerns were raised, such as how to care for the animals, possible allergic reactions, and a pet’s impact on the houses themselves. Plantz Hall representative Cole Delaney favored the change, seeking equity with the fraternity residents. Trever Hall’s Nick Aschbrenner suggested designating some houses as pet-friendly. In the end, the council voted to table the issue and send it to Residence Life for further evaluation.

In other business, the atrium between Youngchild and Science Hall may be made into a 24-hour study lounge once Youngchild’s renovation is completed next fall.

The committee also decided against installing cable television in all dorm rooms.

LUCC vice president Adam Locke announced that the finance committee is in the midst of its annual budget allocation process. All student groups seeking LUCC funding next year are encouraged to contact him for an application if they have not already done so.