Students, admin. compromise over Senior Class Program choices

Aidan Clark

The aim of the Senior Dinner, as an event that is at the culmination of a student’s time at Lawrence, is to give senior students the opportunity to spend time not only with their peers, but to be able to spend time with faculty in an elegant atmosphere, according to the administration.In an effort to enhance this evening along with a goal to improve and bring about other senior events, a group of students representing different demographic perspectives were selected by the senior class officers to form and bring forward a proposal to achieve this goal.

The group was formed after the administrative staff agreed to meet with students and hear their concerns about a recent decisions regarding the dinner.

The group of students is comprised of Jacques Hacquebord, Steve Tie Shue, Larissa Forde, Nick Heuer, Melisha Taylor and Janie Ondracek. After arriving at their recommendations, they took their proposal to a group of Lawrence faculty and staff for review and discussion. The group of students commented that they were “well received by the faculty.” Afterward, the recommendations were taken to President Warch’s staff where they were approved.

It was proposed and approved that there be a private reception held in the campus bar, the Viking Room. The bar itself will be closed for that night, but the venue will be used for the reception that will take place after the dinner.

It is not yet determined exactly how long the reception in the Viking Room will last, but it will only be a maximum of 2 _ hours long. All of the Lawrence faculty and staff will be invited to attend the reception along with the seniors that were cleared to attend the dinner. A cash bar will be set up for this event and will serve only beer and wine.

It was further decided that the Senior Dinner would be moved from the Colman dining room on campus to the Radisson Paper Valley. This was to make it possible for more people to attend the event. Traditionally, the students have invited faculty members of their choice to share in the elegant dinner- this year students will be able to invite more faculty members as the Paper Valley allows for greater attendance.

The group of students that brought these proposals forward also said that the main focus of their proposal was to educate students on sexual harassment, eating disorders and alcoholism. They realize that issues like these can not only affect their fellow students now, but also as they enter into the world after their time at Lawrence. They plan to send out two mailings and are currently holding a poster campaign. They also hope to put together a “Senior Week” of activities for the seniors.

All involved said that the process went well and gave students the ability to be involved in this transitional period. Jacques Hacquebord commented by saying that this should “set a precedent for future years.” The effort that was put into this process will benefit not only the class of 2004, but is hoped to benefit many classes to come in preserving the elegant tradition of the Senior Dinner.