Dynamic change for LU track

Alexander Weck

Remember the Arby’s ad from a few years back that claimed “change is good?” No? OK. Well some of us found the commercials quite thought-provoking, especially in comparison to their newest campaign featuring the personification of a particularly annoying oven mitt. By any means, to the LU outdoor track team, the notion of change has debatable consequences.
Over the past few years, the two track teams have, in a sense, switched the quality of their performances. After a strong third-place finish two years ago, the women’s team has slipped three spots each of the past two years, to last place in their last tournament. The men, on the other hand, after mediocre sixth place finishes the past few years, moved up to fourth in their last outing.
Strong finishes came from juniors Kolade Agbaje-Williams and James Hahn, placing in four and three events respectively. Behind them came eight other male placers.
Colleen Detjens paced the women’s team with two top-eight finishes.
The perplexing story of the men’s team concerns the performance of Agbaje-Williams. Having been an All-American as a freshman two years ago, his second-place long jump finish at 2005 conference was a full 0.32 meters short of that of 2003. Yet at the same time, the team has accumulated noteworthy depth, allowing it into fourth place.
The combined teams will graduate seven seniors in June, including Kyle Hewitt and Steve Geisthardt, both of whom placed at conference. It will be up to new, yet established, coach Moira Ruhly to bring in new talent.
Next year will be known as the battle between Ruhly and Arby’s. Will the change be good or bad? Only time will tell.