Lawrence students to shack it up

Sarah Buckley

It’s time to stop hibernating! Springtime is finally here! Now that we can play outside without bundling up, we Lawrence students often have a difficult time balancing our fun in the sun with our schoolwork and other obligations. Lawrence’s fourth annual Shack-a-Thon provides students with an opportunity – or an excuse – to abandon our books and have fun outside while working for a good cause.
May 14-15, several organizations will gather on Main Hall Green to build their own shacks to stay in overnight. The shacks are often created to represent the values and agendas of each individual group. Progressive groups such as Greenfire, Co-Op, SLA and Amnesty International are participating, as well as several sports groups, fraternity houses, and residence halls. Each group that participates must donate $180, which can either be taken from the group’s existing funds or earned by volunteer work and fundraising events. The money earned each year, which is roughly $5,000-$6,000, will eventually be used by Lawrence to build our very own campus Habitat for Humanity house.
The only rule regarding the shacks created is that the materials used cannot be purchased. So what creative methods are students using to build a home for the night? In the past, shacks have been constructed out of sheets and towels, wood, stolen furniture and cardboard boxes. This year, Amnesty International plans to use wire to create a refugee camp. The Betas refuse to divulge their secret plan, although they insist that their shack will be “the biggest and the best.”
Even those not participating in Shack-a-Thon should come out and enjoy the fun. The Shack-a-Thon events coincide with Ormsby’s “Zoo Days” so there will be plenty of free food and live music to keep everyone entertained. Shack-a-Thon is a great way to collaborate with your peers and to work for a just cause. So join your fellow students and shack up for the night!