Tips for coping with cold

Katharine Enoch

Winter is here whether you’re ready for it or not…but here is some advice on how to survive the cold and avoid some of the repercussions of this harsh weather.Get a hat! 30 percent of your body heat is lost through your neck and head. So learn to put up with hat hair and keep yourself a little warmer next time you step outdoors.

Wool socks help maintain body heat as well by insolating your feet. Contact with the cold ground is a fast way of transferring the chill up into your body. Wear thick socks even in your dorm to avoid contact with a cold floor as well.

Go buy yourself some hot cocoa mix and a travel-safe mug. Carrying a warm cup of coffee or tea around serves as a hand and face warmer. All are available at the union’s Underground Coffeehouse.

An often unnoticed but common ailment during the winter months is a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Although not much is understood about the cause of this condition, doctors believe it is linked to a lack of exposure to sunlight during the winter months. Side effects include over-eating resulting in weight gain, excessive sleep habits, irritability, and depression.

While this can be treated with medication, doctors simply recommend talking walks during the few precious hours that the sun comes out and letting your skin be exposed to the sunlight. There is also a form of treatment that mimics exposure to sunlight by shining a bright light on someone affected by SAD. Common light bulbs that reproduce the natural rays of the sun are available. These can be purchased at health stores or Home Depot and used in any regular light bulb socket. Consider replacing some of your regular light bulbs in your dorm room.

If all else fails and you find yourself freezing as you walk to your next class, run up to a stranger walking in the same general direction and give each other a friendly snuggle. Not only will it warm the two of you up, but you might also find a new way of making friends. Good luck! Now all we have to do is hold out until spring.