Iowan Carey Bostian to conduct LSO next year

Devin Burke

The conservatory recently announced next year’s interim conductor of the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra. Carey Bostian, who currently teaches at Grinnell College, will stand in on the LSO podium for Bridget-Michaele Reischl, who will take a year-long sabbatical. Two years ago, Bostian attended a LSO concert and met Reischl. His teacher, James Dixon, was conducting the LSO in Schubert Symphony 8 and Mahler Symphony 1 that year. Bostian has been studying with Dixon since 1993, earning his master’s degree in orchestral conducting in 1997. In a letter to The Lawrentian, Bostian said, “My major goals have always been teaching. Further, as a teacher of performance. Conducting fits perfectly into this because teaching performance means teaching musicianship.”

Since 1997, Bostian has taught cello privately and at Grinnell, performed as principal cellist with the Cedar Rapids Symphony, and conducted several ensembles. Regarding his dual roles as conductor and professor of cello, Bostian explained that he “had always thought to become a conductor but wanted to establish myself as a cellist and teacher of cello first. However, at my very first orchestra rehearsal [at the University of Iowa], I was confronted with the most astounding musicianship and technique (both rehearsal and stick) from the podium, that I made up my mind to study conducting on the spot. James Dixon was on the podium and I have been studying with him intensely since.”

Regarding the LSO and next year’s concert season, Bostian thinks that “next season’s repertory is an excellent collection. The first program [including Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto 2 and Dvorak’s Symphony 8 in G major] should be highly successful.” Also, Bostian is “particularly looking forward to the Eroica Symphony of Beethoven and the Charles Ives 2nd Symphony. “

During her sabbatical, Reischl’s time will be occupied by various duties, such as an increased number of engagements with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. She will also be conducting the Green Bay Symphony as well as doing guest conducting, including an engagement in Greece. In addition, Reischl plans to begin writing a textbook for use in her conducting classes.

As this concert season nears a dramatic close with Britten’s War Requiem, the orchestra will soon have a chance to begin anticipating next year. Bostian already is “thrilled to be coming to work with [the LSO]. The level of playing is exceptionally strong for an undergraduate orchestra.” Members of the orchestra hope to prove him right.