Mˆle delights Stansbury audience

Blair Allen

Mˆle’s annual performance took place Saturday in Stansbury Theatre.
The show opened with a stage full of smiling faces as they tapped to “Cotton-Eyed Joe” in front of a surprisingly full house.
“We were happy to see such a large turnout at Stansbury; it’s great to have people supporting you,” said senior Mˆle member Becky Heinen.
This year’s show offered more variety than in past years. The swing group made an entertaining appearance dancing to “Well, Get It!”
The tap piece “Cotton-Eyed Joe” as well as a pointe piece, “All That Jazz,” and the modern piece “16 Tons” stood out as pieces that demonstrated the growth within the group since last year’s performance.
Mˆle adviser Jasmine Yep commented on how they “are gathering steam as a group.”
One of the major differences is the number of girls that were involved in this year’s show. Mˆle has been lacking numbers in past years and hopes to keep expanding.
The club is open to anyone whether they have dance experience or not.
“Many of our members have danced since they were three years old and now are just doing it for fun in college,” said Heinen.
“Other members have had very little formal dance training and worked very hard to learn the dances, basic dance steps and how to perform onstage.” This year’s show did a great job bridging the gap between these technical levels.
“Mˆle is different from many dance clubs on other campuses because it is student run, directed and taught,” Heinen added.
“It’s also a very important part of the LU campus because it makes up for the fact that we have no dance program, especially since we are so strong in the other arts.”
Mˆle puts on an annual show each spring, but maybe in the future we will see more from the group. Yep said she “would love to see dancers have more opportunities to perform.