Is the senior streak still alive? Nope.

Anne Aaker

With the end of the year approaching quickly, one question seems to be on the minds of many Lawrentians: Will there be a senior streak? According to senior class president Lou E Perella, “Nothing has been planned.”
Perella explains, “We are not currently working on anything for the senior streak. We are working on constructive programming for the class that will benefit the community and keep us in good graces with the administration.”
The senior streak is something of a mystery to many underclassmen. In the past, it has traditionally taken place the night of the senior dinner. Hundreds of seniors gather and parade through campus naked while rows of spectators watch and cheer as their seemingly shy friends bare all for this Lawrence tradition.
Alex Weck is amazed how the streak has devolved over his Lawrence career. “My freshman year it was remarkably well organized and well received,” said the senior.
“Tons of naked seniors comfortably walked or skipped in the nude; even more underclassmen lined up and watched – from Colman all the way across the Lawe Street footbridge.”
Since then, the streak has been unsuccessful largely because the administration has made moves to put a stop to it.
“I have heard rumors that people may be trying to organize a streak” said Perella, “But I don’t know if it will happen.”
If the streak does happen, the big question is: How successful will it be?
With the senior dinner less than two weeks away, one can only wonder if there will be a barrage of naked seniors doing cartwheels and marching as their time here at Lawrence comes to an end.