Vince Biskupic — law above politics

Timothy Schmidt

It is with confidence that I write in support of Vince Biskupic for attorney general of the state of Wisconsin. Vince is a man of experience, character and conviction – three traits highly desirable in the top law enforcement officer of the state.For the past eight years Vince Biskupic served this county as the district attorney for Outagamie County, with the citizens electing him four times. Prior to that he worked as a prosecutor in Winnebego County, serving as deputy DA for three years and assistant DA for four years.

Vince Biskupic has prosecuted more than 10,000 cases, including 2,000 felonies and 30 homicide and attempted homicide cases. Any attempts to portray him as lacking in experience fall in the face of those numbers.

Note that in his credentials I did not list any overtly political posts, only law enforcement work. Vince does not seek the office of attorney general to promote some political agenda; he wants to put the Department of Justice above politics. He did not take time off from law enforcement to pursue a political career.

His bipartisan endorsements by 55 law enforcement agencies and district attorneys for 56 counties from around the state speak to his wide appeal to those whose first interest is the fair disbursement of justice.

Among Biskupic’s plans is a “White Collar Crime Task Force,” which will cross jurisdictional boundaries to pursue financial criminals. Biskupic also has been praised by domestic violence professionals for his innovative advocacy of the rights of abused women.

Last year, Vince Biskupic visited this campus on more than one occasion to speak about his experience as Outagamie DA and his vision for Wisconsin’s Department of Justice. When I talked to him, I found him to be a prosecutor first and a man running for office second. I saw that his primary concern is for the safety and security of his county’s citizens. He did not come off sounding like a polished spinmeister eager to bash his opponent.

Vince Biskupic is the answer to our problems in Madison. Even the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for attorney general was brought down with 18 felony counts tied to illegal campaigning. In a time when headlines are filled with stories of corruption, cronyism and party politics, Vince Biskupic will focus on the rule of law in the state without regard to parties or future political aspirations.

But don’t take my word for it. His campaign headquarters is located just down the street from the university, at 109 E College Ave. I encourage anyone interested in hearing more about him to stop by the office or visit