Put Professional Experience First: Vote Metropolus for District Attorney DB

David Carter

Mitchell Metropulos has the professional experience necessary to become our next district attorney. He has over 15 years of experience as a prosecutor, which contrasts sharply with his opponent’s meager three years of experience. During his 15 years as an attorney he has prosecuted over 9,000 cases, including over 2,500 felony cases. His opponent has prosecuted less than one-sixth as many cases as he has in his career and has prosecuted less than 500 felony cases.

Additionally, Metropulos’s opponent has never been the lead prosecutor on a homicide case. Mitchell Metropulos has been the lead prosecutor on six homicide cases. Add to this already lopsided record at least five times as many jury and felony jury trials prosecuted, and the experience gap widens even further. In terms of experience, Mitchell Metropolus is the obvious choice for district attorney.

In addition to Mitchell Metropulos’s experience as a prosecutor, he also has a long list of public service achievements. In 1995, Metropulos was nominated for the Post-Crescent‘s Volunteer of the Year award. It is not terribly difficult to see why upon examining his credentials and achievements.

To name just a few, Metropulos is a steering committee member of the Community Justice Project, a board member of the Shaken Baby Association Incorporated, and a member of the Outagamie County Domestic Violence Intervention Program.

Mitchell Metropulos’s experience and commitment has been recognized at the state and national level as well. He was selected for both the Domestic Violence Policy Summit by the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Violence Against Women Leadership Summit by the National College of District Attorneys in Columbia, South Carolina.

Mitchell Metropolus is committed to preventing crime through community involvement and community prevention programs rather than simply reacting to crime after the fact. His community involvement is extensive and proves his true commitment to crime prevention and the betterment of Outagamie County.

On Nov. 5, vote for experience and integrity, regardless of your party affiliation.

District attorney is not about partisan politics, rather, it is about experience, integrity, and professionalism.