Staff Editorial: Time to fix a small annoyance

It’s not news to anyone on this campus that there seems to be a little discrepancy over the actual time. Clocks across campus differ in increments as wide as 10 minutes. Who can blame conservatory students for living in their own world when it is literally five minutes in the future from the world of, say, the philosophy majors in Main Hall?

All the connies know that being a few minutes late for one of Ms. Reischl’s orchestra rehearsals means the whole ensemble will be reprimanded.

And we are all living in the past to the anthropology majors in Briggs.

So how do we fix this rudimentary problem? With clocks that set themselves to universal time off of radio waves? It doesn’t even need to be that complicated or expensive.

Someone could walk around with a big, ultimate, and ACCURATE clock and set all clocks around campus accordingly. This could be done once a month to make sure clocks don’t get too far off from each other.

We finally wouldn’t have to worry about dashing across campus between classes so that our teachers don’t mark us as absent for a class that started at the exact time our last class ended.

Sweaty and winded students are hardly in any state to jump into class discussions, anyway.

So what are the possible solutions? Fix the simple clock problem or work on that 50-yard dash.