Beyond the bubble

Barrels are for the weakA man who was apparently trying to commit suicide by going over Niagara falls sans any sort of protective device not only survived the fall but walked away relatively unscathed.

He climbed over the barricade, walked into the water, and plunged over the Canadian side of the falls without so much as a life jacket.

Assuming that eyewitness accounts are true, the man will be the first to have ever survived going over the falls without some sort of protective apparatus.

Once he reached the bottom, the man swam to shore and climbed out of the water on his own strength. He was met by emergency personnel and taken to a hospital, but he apparently sustained no severe injury.

Counterstrike 2: Death to phobias

Researchers are increasingly using common computer games such as Half-Life and Unreal Tournament to treat patients with phobias.

Using custom models designed for treating specific phobias, therapists can treat people for fears such as acrophobia, arachnophobia, and claustrophobia.

This approach is far more cost effective than previous methods of virtual reality immersion that used customized equipment. PC hardware has advanced to the point that sufficiently realistic graphics can be created for a fraction of the cost.

Truth in advertising

A billboard in Atlanta that was posted by local radio station 96-Rock was taken down after less than a week because of a large number of complaints.

The sign showed a still of Madonna kissing Britney Spears from the MTV music awards with a message that read, “Their music stinks, but we’d do ’em.”

A radio station official noted, “[W]e got calls from area residents who passed by the board who were expressing their discontent that they were having to have uncomfortable conversations with their children and just felt it was morally offensive.”

Most of the complaints were about the picture rather than the text, and the station received enough complaints that they decided removing the whole billboard was the best option.

However, the station also received a number of calls expressing their approval of and agreement with the sign.