News Briefs

Lawrence responds to fraternity lawsuitAccording to Jeffrey Riester, chair of the Board of Trustees, “On November 11, 2002, the attorneys for Lawrence University served responsive pleadings in the lawsuits filed by certain fraternity alumni. As yet, neither the Court nor the Plaintiffs have responded to those pleadings.”

Prseident Warch has called the decision by the fraternities to file a lawsuit “unfortunate, but not a total surprise.”

He does not have an idea as to how long the lawsuits will last, and is unable to comment about the possible effects of the lawsuit, as it is against university policy to speculate on court cases that are in progress.

The recent announcement of Warch’s upcoming retirement at the end of the 2003-2004 school year means there is a chance that Lawrence’s next president will be dealing with the lawsuit when he takes office.

Computer stolen from Youngchild

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, a computer was stolen from Youngchild Hall. Sometime on Tuesday morning, people recognized that the computer had gone missing. According to campus security, an ongoing investigation has begun. At press time, the exact time and place that the incident occurred remained under investigation. There was no comment on possible suspects for the crime.

Amnesty International brings speaker to campus to speak on hatred

With most of America’s current emotion focused outside its borders, Jody Roy is trying to remind America not to lose the ability to be introspective.

On Nov. 20 at 6 p.m. in the Coffeehouse, Roy will present a talk titled “Hatred and American Obsession.” Immediately following the talk, listeners will get to respond during a talk back session.

The talk comes to Lawrence through the campus Amnesty International chapter and the Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies.