Parking changes increase number of spaces for students, faculty

Aiden Clark

One of the numerous handicapped spaces outside of Hiett Hall that has caused many to question the distrubution of these spaces on campus (Julien Poncet)

An assortment of new parking policies for faculty, staff, and students have been instituted this year. The policies were necessary due to various campus improvements that have recently been completed, as well as some minor shuffling to better address the parking situation on campus, say campus officials. Over the last seven years, construction has been a way of life around New Science and Ormsby Halls. With the addition of the new residence hall, Heitt, some adjustments needed to be made with parking to accommodate.

According to Vince Maas, the director of campus services, with the new addition of Heitt Hall there were approximately 32 new parking spaces added. These were designated for students to park their cars 24 hours a day, and included handicapped-accessible spots. The spots were to be assigned based on the student parking lottery. The parking lot by the river, next to Heitt, serves this purpose.

Furthermore, Lawrence has a series of new handicapped parking spots dispersed throughout the campus. Maas commented that there are three handicapped parking spaces by the entrances to Heitt and Ormsby Halls that serve for anyone in need of such parking in the vicinity.

In addition, three handicapped parking spaces are located near Mudd Library and the Music and Drama Center, as well as Plantz, Kohler, and Sage residence halls.

However, the present handicapped parking behind New Science Hall will be eliminated shortly.

Accordingly, other new changes to the parking situation have been made. Specifically, the parking lot that was for students last year at the corner of Lawe Street and Washington is now designated for faculty and staff exclusively. Additionally, the north end of the parking lot behind Plantz Hall is now for faculty and staff, while the south end is still reserved for student 24-hour lottery parking.

Furthermore, the parking spaces by the Landis-Peabody building formerly designated for students have been converted to faculty and staff parking.

These changes in parking designations have improved the parking situation on campus, considering that the total count of student lottery parking went from about 115 last year to 130 this year, as noted by Maas.