Dining For Dummies

Ceilidh Mar

Olive Garden Restaurant
1275 N Casoloma Dr.
What goes better after a carb. loaded meal than some of the richest desserts around? Olive Garden offers a fairly wide selection of desserts including an overwhelming chocolate lasagna and a fabulous white chocolate cheesecake. They also offer espresso drinks to compliment the sweet or a fairly good cup of regular coffee. If you are just going for dessert the prices don’t build up too much, averaging around $4.00 for the dessert and depending on what you have with it rising rapidly. Beware that the coffee drinks can be expensive and add quite a bit to the total bill. But if you want a relaxing outing where you can sit and really enjoy dessert, this is a great bet.

Something Sweet
411 W. College Ave.

One of the newer businesses you can find on College Ave., Something Sweet specializes in desserts and aims to catch the crowds around the new performing arts center. Unfortunately, this means they tend to cater to a wealthier clientele. But if you want handmade, rich foods at have to be rich prices Something Sweet delivers. The owners are remarkably friendly people and if you order the right thing you have the chance to visit with them while they prepare a dish at your table. But for most college students this place is out of a reasonable price range. Still, if you have the cash it can be quite an impressive experience.

Peggy’s Caf
125 E. College Ave.

Peggy’s has some great desserts and they go wonderfully with the drink selections offered. The quiet conversational environment adds a lot to the dining experience, especially if you are looking for a relaxing possibly romantic dessert. They can be slightly high in price but not so extreme that it will break the bank. Try the flourless chocolate cake. It basically melts in your mouth. Even better, bring someone to spilt it with, trust me it’s that rich.

2975 W. College Ave.

Not the classiest place in town, but when all you want is a piece of pie with your friends this is the right place. Plus it’s open all night for those late night pie cravings (or finals night munchies). They also have some great muffins and baked goods. A nice place to just sit and enjoy the sweet goodness of pie.