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Dear Mr. Sandersfeld,My name is Sgt. Nicholas Muench and I am sorry I could not reply to your article earlier, as I have been too busy preparing to be deployed to Iraq. I am proud to be both a Lawrence University graduate and a combat soldier. I feel this dual life gives me a more informed view of the world than the average soldier and student, and with this knowledge I can safely say that you are [expletive deleted] crazy. I have heard this rant before, about how we must destroy evil, savage people who pose a threat. It was done in Germany in 1933! Also, as a soldier, I train for war and pray for peace, but at times I realize that war will call me away from my family and friends, and I am both proud and afraid to answer this call.

In the army we call a person who constantly wants war while hiding in the safety of their dorm room a ‘chicken-hawk,’ and I hate them almost as much as I hate the insurgents and terrorists. Mr. Sandersfeld, I doubt you have ever had to tell your crying mother that her little boy must go to war and I doubt you ever will. But, if you do feel so strongly about invading Iran, I will gladly give you an Army recruiter’s number.

Finally, to the entire Lawrence community, both liberal and conservative, as the future leaders of this great nation you should remember that some people talk about what needs to be done, while others have to make sacrifices to do it.

Thank you,
Sgt. Nicholas Muench

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