Staff Editorial

President Jill Beck announced her plans to retire in June 2013 on Feb. 2. The news came as a surprise to most students, and we will be sad to see such a beloved figure on campus go. Before she leaves, we encourage students to reflect on the numerous ways in which Beck has positively impacted our lives.

Most of Beck’s work is behind the scenes, but her efforts have drastically improved our Lawrence experience. Without her incredibly successful More Light! campaign, we would still be eating in Downer.

Beck’s work has also impacted the more domestic side of campus, from bathroom renovations in Plantz to the upgrades in the Memorial Chapel. And let’s not forgot Beck’s championing of the fantastic new dance studies program.

We at The Lawrentian are proud of Beck’s work, and of the public recognition she’s brought Lawrence during her time here. Beck has also received accolades for being Lawrence’s first female president, and we’re pleased to have attended Lawrence during her tenure. We also thank Beck for giving a year’s notice before her retirement, so that Lawrence will have ample time to find an able successor.

We trust that Lawrence will find a new president who will serve the campus well as we move forward in these tough economic times. We hope that the new president will continue some of Beck’s major initiatives, such as sustainability, the expansion of the Lawrence Fellows program and the development of new academic fields like film and dance.

Lastly, we hope that Beck will use her remaining year here to focus on projects that she’s really passionate about. With her long list of successes so far, we’re excited to see what comes next.

We encourage Lawrentians of all stripes to take a moment to reflect on how Beck has improved your time here, and to thank her when you see her around campus. And, of course, we give our best wishes to Beck as she transitions into her very own life after Lawrence.