Romance According to Kate

Kate Ostler

(Brent Schwert)

Dear Kate,
I’ve got a secret admirer. I don’t really have any guesses as to who this person may be, and I’m unsure about what to do next. Any tips?
-AdmiredDear Admired,
You’ve got it easy from here on out. You’ve obviously won the affection of someone, and now it’s up to that person to map out what happens next. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the idea of someone – anyone – thinking you’re hot. Spring has sprung, and everyone’s feeling pretty frisky.
If you’re dying to find out who this person is, be on the lookout and stay alert. Do you know anyone who winks at you a lot? Is there someone who’s suddenly shown up everywhere you’ve been? If you’ve received love notes, do you recognize your admirer’s handwriting?
Dust for prints. Quiz your friends on their whereabouts. But, in the end, go with your gut. If you’re drawn to someone or have a hunch about your admirer’s identity, but don’t really have any tangible evidence to back up your suspicion, be straightforward and just ask. After all, your admirer’s intent is to eventually reveal his or her true identity to you.

Dear Kate,
Ever since I’ve returned to campus after spring break, I’ve dreaded how much longer our school year seems, and I’m really starting to miss my girlfriend. How can I get through the next term without feeling so bummed out?
-Bummed Out in Brokaw

Dear Bummed,
I’ll venture a guess and say that most of us end up feeling this way on account of our less popular, though “more efficient” – or so we’ve been told – trimester schedule. Around late August and into early September, we feel abandoned by our pals from home who’ve left to reconvene at their respective schools, and during the middle of our spring trimester, those pals are packing up their dorm stuff, and heading back home to work on their tans and steal all of the lucrative summer jobs.
I think our best bet to beat the blues is to stick together. Brokaw’s a pretty sweet party spot – throw a bash and celebrate being here with your fellow trimester-cursed friends. Bring your books out to Main Hall Green, and catch some rays while you catch up on your reading. Write a note to your girlfriend and let her know that you miss her, but that spring term is here, and you’re doing just fine now that the temperature’s above freezing.

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