Editorial Reply

In response to Matthew Fager’s own diatribe against certain items in last week’s Lawrentian, I would like to retract the statement from the article I wrote on the Artistic Masturbation Theatre Company, which read that there were “no playwriting or directing classes.” However, I would also like to point out that the introductory course on play directing that Matthew mentioned is also the only course on the subject, and I believe that the founders and members of AMTC – as well as other students on campus, perhaps – wished to take their experience with play directing further than one introductory course.
As for the playwriting seminar mentioned in Matthew’s letter, it sounds like a wonderful – though one-time – opportunity for theatre students. Again, it is my belief that those involved in AMTC are interested in pursuing playwriting further than this seminar.
These are not slams to the theatre department. They are, as Matthew requested, facts.I hope that all who were offended by it will accept this recantation of my erroneous statement.

-Anne Aaker

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