LI Cabaret Preview

Doris Kim

Lawrence International will host its 30th annual International Cabaret Sunday in Stansbury Theatre.
This year’s event is billed as a “festival of life,” celebrating the diversity of culture on the Lawrence campus. Every continent of the world will be represented in the show through student dance and musical performances.
After the show, Lawrence International will host a dinner serving traditional dishes from the various represented countries.
“Lawrence is a diverse school where we can learn from each other,” said Taeya Abdel-Majeed, this year’s host. “It is important to realize the world is getting smaller and smaller everyday. As a global village, it is good to know a little something [about other cultures].”
Cabaret has become one of the most successful and most attended events arranged by a student organization on the Lawrence campus. The yearly event has been received well by the student body, faculty and the Appleton community.
The show’s attendance has also steadily increased, and even after being moved to a larger performance space the show has been sold out for the past two years.
As Cabaret receives more attention in the community, Lawrence International students have increased their efforts to enhance cultural awareness for their audience as well. This year’s show will showcase over 75 performers and 16 performances.