Letter to the Editor

To the Editor;Darfur is of great concern to U.S. citizens and if we plan to do something, now is the time. It has been four years since the genocide in Darfur commenced. Many people have been tortured, raped, executed, abducted and there is wide spread of disease and malnutrition that is not being taken care of properly due to the state’s unrest. The fact that the actions being done in Darfur are genocide is a legitimate reason to why the UN should become involved and send peacekeepers. Amnesty requests that 26,000 UNAMID peacekeepers be sent to the Central African countries in turmoil by the United Nations Security Council.

Since the United States of America has great influence within the United Nations it has the power to press the UN for change and action for peace. The U.S. also has an obligation towards its people too and with petitions and phone calls made within Amnesty hopefully the U.S. government will hear our voice and make all of our voices heard by the UN.

Amnesty International’s goal of 500,000 petition signatures has almost been achieved, but not yet; that is why we need the community of Lawrence University to help! On October 24, 25, and 26 there will be chances for all to “Call-In” and sign petitions to say how you feel that the UN should do something about the genocide in Darfur. Lawrence’s chapter of Amnesty International plans to hold a “Call-In Day” on the October 25 in Riverview Lounge at 9 p.m. LU Amnesty would also like to notify people that they should wear the color blue on October 24, United Nations Day, to show their support. Please come and make a difference in our world today.

Lindsey Ahlen