ystory ideas

Facebook photo reveals student breaking 112 violationsBj”rklunden renovation to include casino, Gentleman’s Club for Boynton Society members

Admissions essay reveals “way too much information” (do you remember how earnest and personal and heartfeld these tended to be?)

In a shocking revelation, Lawrence may have lowered its admissions standards for a talented musician

David Becker smothers seven, injures four in post-concert ‘congratulations’

Students clog upper-level classes to dreamily stare at fellows

Surprising finds by the Teagle Foundation study:
–two-thirds of Lawrence’s faculty weren’t old enough to
–Fellows program to be sponsored by Moodle
–students having trouble establishing “where the line is” at senior night
–Doctorates are being wasted on the new generation who prefer to be called by their first name
–dissertation yields rather interesting, unbelievably specialized seminar

Randall McNeil flies into uncharacteristic misogynistic rage while translating Catullus

After Beck tutorial visit, Oxford begins using Moodle

Really stupid kid with an S/U taking up biology major’s spot in Intro

In an effort to combat student apathy, four S/Us can now be traded in for the privilege of kicking the ass of whomever you want without recourse

LUCC subcommittee is productive, relevant

Frazier completely well-kept except for one lock of hair that leaves his part time after time (seriously guys, this would be a good one)

Staff Editorial: “For 30,000, we should be getting a better education”

In an effort to encourage positive student-to-student interaction and extroversion, honors will no longer be conferred based on GPA, but from a graduation applause meter

Taylor, Spurgin search in vain for light, playful April Fools Lawrentian satires of themselves

Peter Glick denied tenure because of his work wardrobe: According to David Burrows, dean of the faculty, “You know, he traipses from home to work in that pink tank-top all the time. He of all people should have known that somebody would get the wrong idea. If somebody dresses so sexy all the time, how do you take him seriously?”

“Let’s Just Talk” ArtsBridge theme receives funding – just talk, one on one, to an entire room full of kids

Campus Center to be completed early, to satisfy all students, faculty, staff and donors