Romance According to Ayn

Ayn Rand

Dear Ayn,
Sex with my boyfriend is usually OK, but lately I’ve been having trouble climaxing. I’ve tried telling him that we need to do something new, but he just doesn’t seem to get it. What should I do?
-Orgasmless in OrmsbyDear Orgasm-less,
If you are intent on sex with a “partner,” the first step is getting yourself out of the pointless relationship you seem to be in. Your boyfriend’s inability to please you is a sign of weakness, and the weak deserve complete disregard.
If any sexual partner fails to please you in the future, do not refrain from doing whatever it takes to obtain the pleasure you deserve – pushing that partner away and employing masturbatory skills, demanding complete obedience to your commands through whatever force necessary, or simply walking away from the situation, either to seek another partner or to engage in an alternate, equally pleasurable activity.
My second bit of advice for you, if you are ready to embark on a path of Strength and Autonomy, is to get out of the bed and into the toy store! A variety of vibrators and dildos are available, in all shapes, sizes and styles. Whatever your heart desires, you can find a way to do it for yourself.
You didn’t mention whether you have trouble reaching orgasm on your own, and my question for you is, have you tried? We know ourselves better than anyone else does, so why bother futzing around with some sort of “reciprocal” relationship if we don’t have to?
Masturbation is the only pure form of sexual pleasure, because it is the only way to completely avoid distractions from your own needs and desires. Above all, remember that your needs are the only ones worthy of consideration!

Dear Ayn,
I asked a girl out on a date, and it ended up going horribly. How can I redeem myself, and make sure that the next one goes better?
-Searching for a second chance

Dear Searching,
What are you doing relying on someone else to mediate your state of being? Dating is an overrated activity designed for the weak and submissive. Relationships, often the end goal of the dating process, are even more dangerous. Relationships require compromise of self – the ultimate embodiment of weakness.
Respect yourself – there is no need for redemption, which would just ingratiate you further to someone else. This girl you asked out is clearly an Other, and therefore an enemy. Engaging in any sort of pleasant interaction with her would be foolish and immoral.

Ayn Rand is an advice columnist whose column, “Romance According to Ayn,” is syndicated in over 200 newspapers worldwide.