Registrar withholds student’s transcripts for “mouthing off

Steve Martin

Senior Alan Stein learned a hard lesson recently as his requests for transcripts were denied due to what the registrar has called “excessive sass-back.”
Stein placed a request for transcripts to be sent to potential graduate schools in January. When he found that these transcripts had not been delivered as of March 15, he questioned the Registrar’s Office about the delay.
“I just asked them if the transcripts had been sent out yet,” said Stein. “I didn’t think I was being impolite, but they told me to watch my attitude.”
As Stein further pressed the issue the registrar told him that unless he used an inside voice, he would be asked to go to time out. When Stein refused to comply, the registrar informed him that, due to his foul mouth, they would not be sending his transcripts out at all.
“This totally sucks,” commented Stein.