Featured Athlete: Rebecca Glon

Recently, senior Rebecca Glon flung herself into the Lawrence record books by breaking the school’s all-time record in the women’s pole vault. Previously set back in 2004 by Mary Markowitz at 9-4, Glon cleared 9-6 1/2 two weeks ago at UW-Oshkosh. Glon has been battling injuries such as a torn ACL and both torn menisci in her takeoff leg since her sophomore year but is now regaining her confidence. She thanks her family, friends, teammates, and coaches for the support that has allowed her to surpass her personal (and the school’s) best.Year: Senior

Major: Math/Computer Science major, English minor

Hometown: Roscoe, IL (technically a village)

Years pole vaulting: 5

How did you get interested in pole vaulting?: “It’s been a dream of mine since my older brother Ben vaulted in high school. When I saw [American Stacy] Dragila win gold in Sydney, I knew it’s what I wanted to do. They didn’t allow girls to officially compete in pole vault in Illinois until my junior year. After I made my first height of a measly 6-6, [an opposing coach] asked if I had ever vaulted before. When I said no, he was surprised and told me I looked like a natural. That was the first time anyone had ever told me I looked like a natural in anything. I was hooked.”

Favorite Lawrence class: Shakespeare with Professor Bond.

An object over which you dream about pole vaulting: “My housemates and I have joked about my vaulting onto our balcony. The best part is that the first thing I thought was how well the back of the stairs would serve as something to plant my pole against.”

Hobby: “Writing fiction and fantasy. I’m a huge fan of Tolkien and “Redwall.” I’m detemined to be a full-time author someday. Keeping up with my creative side lets me feel like a kid again.”

Other: “Pole vaulters: yeah . we’re different. Computer Science House rocks the campus!