Letter to the Editor

Austin Montgomery

(Brent Schwert)

I walked into the Union Grill on a nice Tuesday evening, and began to view the menu board (which hasn’t changed in three years) behind the counter. I found what I was looking for and proceeded to order. I asked for a deli sandwich with turkey and Swiss on a pita and had it grilled.
After a few minutes, I received my sandwich with all two (2) slices of turkey. Two slices, that was all. I just dropped four bucks of my cash into a sandwich with a slice of Swiss, two slices of turkey, some lettuce, and a couple tomato slices.
All I’m thinking is, “Are you guys serious?” So I went up to the register and asked them if two slices of turkey per sandwich was the norm, or if I had gotten the short end of the stick. Now, I spend at least $250 per term at the Union Grill, so I knew that this was not normal, but she politely informed me that the grill had switched food services and because of this they had to cut back on portions across the board.
I could not believe what I heard. The Union Grill switched food carriers, began giving us less food for the same price, and never bothered to mention it to anyone. I suppose I can understand why they did this.
You know that you have a guaranteed base of clientele and people coming to you, so you charge what you like and give to the customer what you feel like giving to the customer. This makes it easy to cut corners wherever you wish without anyone getting upset at you and it also allows you to make some extra cash.
So to the people working at the Union Grill and people in retail operations for the union, you have seen the last of my money, the last of my grill credit, and the last of my Viking Gold. Perhaps next time you won’t be so inconsiderate to your customers.
Austin Montgomery