GLOW holds sex toy workshop

Tara McGovern

Wed., May 16, Searah Deysach from Early to Bed – “Chicago’s favorite erotica shop” – held a workshop in the Coffeehouse. The event was sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, Other or Whatever organization as part of Progressive Week.
Deysach, a comedic feminist with blond and bright pink hair, brought up topics of history, community, feminism, healthy sexuality, as well as sex toys, with the roughly 50 students who attended the talk.
Deysach decided to start a feminist-owned sex toy shop in Chicago five-and-a-half years ago when she found herself in the “weird land of the creepy man” when searching for products in the sex industry.
The sex industry was dominated by straight men until about 20 years ago when the first female-friendly sex toy store opened up in California. “It seems like everything a girl knows about sex today comes from watching ‘Sex in the City,'” noted Deysach.
Although she said there was nothing wrong with that, she encourages her customers to ask her questions and takes as many opportunities as she can to get out in the community and educate people on healthy and positive sexual experiences.
Early to Bed’s mission statement is that education is as important as titillation when it comes to helping people enhance their sex lives.
Deysach brought to the workshop many different products that she sells in her shop. “Dildos,” Deysach said, “have been around as long as people have had holes.”
Deysach informed the group that stone dildos dating from about 15 to 20 thousand years ago have been discovered.
The most popular item on the market today, however, is the vibrator. “Vibrators are the heart of the sex toy industry,” Deysach said. “About 20 to 40 new ones come out on the market every week.”
They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, including vibrators in the shape of dolphins, bunny rabbits, and lipstick. There is even a solar-powered vibrator on the market.
Aside from discussing the health-friendly toys that were out on the market, including vegan condoms and lubricant, Deysach emphasized the importance of being conscious with what products you use.
Deysach recommended putting a condom over the sex toy, especially now when condoms are available for free at university health centers.
Deysach said that she joined the industry not for the money, but because she was interested in promoting positive sexuality. After all, a positive sex life is a very important thing.