Free Thought Forum sparks humanist debate over dinner

LUFFT members Brandon Rice, Evan Meszaros, Kendrick Boyd, Alex Fairchild, and Rob Maas
Emily Alinder

LUFFT members Brandon Rice, Evan Meszaros, Kendrick Boyd, Alex Fairchild, and Rob Maas (Ryan Day)

Just a few weeks ago, the Lawrence University Forum for Free Thought received LUCC recognition as an official group registered with the Campus Activities Office, making it one of the newest groups on campus.
According to Evan Meszaros, the group’s president, the mission of LUFFT is to provide a forum for free thought and debate.
But what is a free thinker? According to Meszaros, there are many things that constitute a free thinker: thinking
outside of the norm; thinking critically
about religion, its place in society, and whether it is feasible or can coexistence with science; and thinking about pseudoscience – things mistakenly thought of as science.
Even though the group is still new, they are already making arrangements to bring speakers to campus. The group would also like to put on public debates in the future. If you are looking for some debating action right now, go to one of their meetings.
LUFFT gathers Saturdays evenings at 5 p.m. in Downer Room E for debate and discussion. Everyone is encouraged to join in the mealtime debates, even if it is only to check the group out for one night.
Topics range from clashes between religion and science to public policy in the news. Specific examples of topics include having
the Ten Commandments in courthouses, the intelligent design movement, and having the phrase “in God we trust” printed on our money.
Discussions of all topics are nonpartisan and philosophical. “What makes the debates interesting,” says member Brandon Rice, “is people can share the same philosophy
but have different application of it and make different decisions based on it.” Rice manages the Web page for the group, which will be up and running soon.
Whether or not you have debated before, the Lawrence University Forum for Free Thought would love to have you join in on their debates. It is a great chance to explore, share, and discuss your ideas and thoughts while learning about those of other students.