Romance According to Kate

Kate Ostler

Dear Kate,
How can I make the best valentine
card EVER?
-Out of IdeasDear Out,
The paper valentines that we used to give and receive as schoolchildren
are no match for a snazzy, homemade valentine that you can make yourself and give to your significant
other. First, hit up Hobby Lobby or some other local craft store. If you see something that strikes you, buy it, even if it isn’t covered in hearts or kisses. The best idea is to make a unique work of art that will remind the recipient
of you. Pick up some sturdy construction paper, funny stickers, and glitter. (You can never have too much glitter.) Cut your paper into an interesting shape, and glue some sweet stuff to the front. Try to stay away from clichd hearts or over-the-top flowers. Next, make sure you spend as much time writing
a note inside your valentine, as you did decorating the front. Search online for love quotes, or go to the Mudd and pick out your favorite romantic poem. Write it inside – in your nicest handwriting – and add a special message at the bottom. Do not write “muah,” “I <3 U," or any lyric written by Ben Gibbard. Recall a favorite memory or a funny joke the two of you shared. Don't forget the envelope! You can decorate the envelope just as much as you did the valentine itself; just remember to seal it with a kiss. Dear Kate,
What can single people do on Valentine’s Day?
-Not Sad, Just Single

Dear Not,
February 14 is another day on which single people are left high and dry. No one to kiss on New Year’s Eve? No big deal. Going to watch the Independence Day fireworks alone? You’ll get a better
view by yourself, anyway. But come Valentine’s Day, all you hear about is love, love, love. Blah, blah, blah. The most important thing to remember is that you are certainly not alone. Exchange valentines with your single friends, go out for dinner,
and have a good time. Watch a bunch of cheesy romantic movies and make fun of how desperate the characters are. Wish your favorite professor, your RLA, or Hilda at Downer a happy Valentine’s Day. Make a point to make other people smile on Valentine’s Day, instead of wishing someone else was around to buy you lame flowers or stale candy.