Featured Athlete: Ryan Wendel

Tara Carmody

Ryan “Yeti” Wendel ’08
Men’s Basketball1. What is your favorite team memory?
Bj”rklunden trips, mainly because of the camp fires and all of the stories.

2. Would you rather not be able to talk or hear for one day?
Not talk — it would be a different perspective if you just listen to everything and not talk.

3. Is Coach Depagter’s coaching style different from last year’s coach?
It is a completely different style of coaching. He has a more laid back approach. He understands the player and what we are going through right now since he went through it himself. There aren’t certain plays we run either — so there is more freedom on the court.

4. Would you rather never eat chocolate or ice cream again, why?
Oh my god.I would never eat ice cream. Chocolate is my favorite dessert of all time.

5. Who is your favorite athlete and why?
Michael Jordan. When you’re a kid you look for a hero. He is who I watched the most and who I consider the best player of all time.

6. Who is your favorite sports team?
It changes a lot. Right now I get the most excitement out of watching the Chicago Bears. In the ’90s the Bulls were my favorite. I guess I’m a fair weather fan.