Letter to the editor

To the editor:Reading this week’s edition of the Lawrentian has been far worse than disappointing. We found two articles in particular to be a disgrace to the intelligence of your readers.

We were troubled firstly by Kayla’s commentary. In our view the Lawrentian should not be used as a forum for petty personal comments and snide remarks. Has Lawrence become a place where we can’t be adults and ask help of other students in the computer lab, even if we don’t know them personally? Is the Lawrentian really a venue for schoolgirl complaints? We feel that the space in the newspaper should be used to broaden our perspectives and educate us on different issues. We won’t speak for the entire Lawrence community, but our perspectives were not broadened by this list of juvenile remonstrances.

While lighter fare has its place in the Lawrentian, a half-page article dedicated to the analysis of Ugg boots and your classmates who wear them is, in our opinion, wasteful. As a representation of our student body, the Lawrentian should present relevant issues instead of tasteless fodder.

We are ashamed that this is the way Lawrence University is presented to students, parents, and alumni alike. We feel all your writers have intelligent things to say and that future editions of the Lawrentian should reflect this.

Julie DeBoer, 2009
Rachel Russell, 2010
Madeline Shadduck, 2009
Emily May, 2009