Land bridge finally underway

Katie Buchanan

With the recent comings and goings of construction vehicles and personnel around the campus center site, students have been curious about the progress being made on the Lawe Street land bridge.In particular, many students wonder whether they will have a bridge to use in the next few months. According to the December 13 entry from Lynn Hagee’s campus center blog, the cement abutments have been poured and concrete precast sections have been ordered for the land bridge.

Hagee, Director of Conferences and Summer Programs, wrote, “18 bridge sections weighing a total of 1,023,800 pounds will be put into place in early January,” meaning “the bridge will be partially complete once the sections are lowered into place, however, much work remains before the students will be allowed to use it.”

The work remaining on the land bridge includes “welding, railings, and the building of walkways and contours must all be finished before the landscaping can be installed.”

Lawrence projects that the land bridge will be open for pedestrian use in October 2008.

Many students are looking forward to the opening of the new land bridge. Junior Heather Watson said, “It could improve the look of campus,” though she also felt that the current absence of a bridge over Lawe Street is inconvenient.

“Last year I used the bridge more often, which was much more convenient than going around Wriston, across the lawn, then up the quad,” said Watson.

Other students aren’t as pleased with the progress on the land bridge. Senior Sarah Mohrmann said, “I was initially excited about the land bridge but I’m disappointed that it hasn’t been completed yet.”

She added, “It feels like campus has been split in two because of the construction. I was told the land bridge was going be finished before the beginning of the year; I’m really disappointed that it won’t be done until after I graduate.”

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