Getting to Know LU coaches

Andrew Schneider

Coach Kehrein is currently one the longest serving coaches in the Lawrence Athletic department. He presently holds positions as both an assistant football coach and an assistant track coach.Q: How long have you been at Lawrence?
A: I graduated from Lawrence in 1998 and have been here ever since.

Q: What different positions have you held at LU?
A: Following my years as a student, I was assistant track coach from 1999-2001; then was head track coach and an assistant football coach from 2002-2005; then from 2005-2007 I was strictly an assistant football coach; and beginning this year, I will be continuing as an assistant football coach as well as taking on the responsibilities of an assistant track coach.

Q: What was you major as an undergrad here at LU?
A: History.

Q: Who was you favorite professor while you were a student?
A: It was a visiting professor by the name of William Sloan Coffin. Sadly he just passed away.

Q: What sports did you participate in while you were a student?
A: I did two years of football during my freshman and sophomore years and did 4 years of track.

Q: What is you favorite restaurant in the Appleton area?
A: It was Mongo’s but it recently shut down.

Q: What was you favorite athletic road trip either as a player or coach?
A: I have two favorites. One was when I went to New York for nationals as the track coach in 2003. They charter us a plane and everything it was a lot of fun. The second trip would have to be the track team’s annual trip to Florida during spring break while I was coaching. We had a lot of great times down there and competed well too.

Q: What’s you favorite drill to run as a coach?
A: (Laughs) It would have to be watching the football guys flip tires.

Q: How would you describe your political views?
A: I would say I am a free and independent thinker.

Q: What’s a book that you recently read and enjoyed?
A: I’d have to say ****Confessions of an Economic Hitman**** by John Perkins as well as ****An Inconvenient Truth**** by Al Gore.

Q: What’s you favorite NFL team?
A: The Green Bay Packers.

Q: How far do you think they’ll go in the playoffs this season?
A: At least the NFC Championship, that’s a safe bet.