Point-Counterpoint: Appleton smoking ban

Papincak, Mike

I would like to start by welcoming everyone back to campus for what I hope will be a great winter term. I would also like to thank the readers and supporters of this point-counterpoint article. It has been a joy being part of The Lawrentian.
I believe that the smoking ban is a great thing. I am a huge supporter of banning smoking wherever possible. In this case, it will affect restaurants, bars, and other public places in the city. I believe that this will make for a much healthier community. As someone who is now 21 and wishes to go to bars on occasion, I am glad that I will not be welcomed by a cloud of smoke. And besides, bars are unhealthy enough with all of that alcohol – why should there be smoking as well?
Banning smoking in restaurants is way overdue. These are places where families with young children go to enjoy dinner and have a good time. Parents should not have to worry about their lungs being filled with smoke by the table in the smoking section.
I also think that smoking should never take place around food being served in a public place – for health reasons, of course. People will now be able to work in a smoke-free environment. This will cause less tension among smoking and non-smoking workers, and will also make the environment much healthier. At a bar, you might only be around smoke for a couple hours. At the workplace you should not be surrounded by it from 9 to 5.
I am glad that Appleton has taken a tougher stance on this measure than, say, Madison, because it shows that the city is not messing around with this subject. This city wants to be healthy, prosperous and clean. I think that this smoking ban is a great example of how this city is making great progress towards those goals. I would like to thank the citizens of Appleton for voting the way they did, and making this smoking ban a reality.