Romance According to Kate

Ostler, Kate

Dear Kate,
I asked a girl out on a date, and it ended up going horribly. How can I redeem myself, and make sure that the next one goes better?-Searching for a
Second Chance

Dear Searching,
Many, if not all of us, have been on awful dates, or soon will be. The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. Try not to stress out or worry too much about what will happen on this second date. Obviously, things could have gone better, but you need to put that behind you and make a fresh start. Make it your business to be sure that your date knows that you want things to go more smoothly this time. Concentrate on improving the small things: keep eye contact, listen intently, and maintain a steady conversation. Be positive that your date gets to know the real you. Reveal something personal in conversation, or make her a mix tape of your favorite music. Chicks love mix tapes. Good luck!

Dear Kate,
I like to party hard on Saturday nights, but sometimes I end up embarrassing myself, without thinking about who I’ll have to face in the morning. What’s the standard protocol for avoiding someone at Sunday brunch?

-Desperate at Downer

Dear Desperate,
Certainly many Lawrentians have been in your place – waiting for an omelet in B line, avoiding eye contact, and concentrating on their hash browns instead of the people walking by. If you’re not looking to cause a stir, and want to avoid reliving the night before, show up at Downer looking like you’re recovering from a rough weekend. Pajamas are always a sure thing, along with a baseball cap and sunglasses. Bring a Sunday paper with you to read while you’re sitting at a table by yourself. If you’re feeling really anti-social, take along your iPod and rock out to your favorite tunes. When your buddies stop by to say hello, make sure you announce (audibly) that you don’t recall much from the night before, so as to throw off anyone who’s been thinking about coming by to chat about how much fun they had with you last night.