Get rid of unwanted electronics

Sophie Leppanen

Tell the truth. Do you have a cell phone charger for a phone you got rid of years ago stuffed into your desk drawer? An old mp3 player that became a misfit toy once the iPod Nano came out? Miscellaneous electronics you have no use, for but do not feel quite comfortable throwing into the garbage?

Your gut instinct is right on. Electronics should not be thrown in the trash. In fact, Wisconsin passed a law in 2009 that banned the incineration of common electronics and their allowance into landfills to eliminate the toxic incinerator ash and the leaching of heavy metals into the environment that result from these practices. A statewide program called E-Cycle Wisconsin now places primary responsibility to collect exhausted electronics on electronics manufacturers.

But being a busy college student, it is very inconvenient to go get your car in the Appleton East Parking Ramp, drive it back to Trever, load your broken monitor into the trunk, find out where an electronics collection site is and take it there. This is why Lawrence wants to bring this convenience to campus! Well, at least to the café Plaza.

An electronics collection will happen at Lawrence Friday, May 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside the Warch Campus Center. Electronics recycling company 5R Processors is hosting the event and will take any electronics you want to get rid of, including all computer-related equipment, CD players, iPods, broken phones, headsets, TVs, DVD/VHS players and mini fridges.

While fridges are usually expensive to dispose of, recycling will be free of cost to Lawrence students on Collection Day as long as the grant money to subsidize you is still available, so come early!

Lists of acceptable items and reminders about the time of Electronics Collection Day will be posted around campus.