Letter to the editor

Sandersfeld, Scott

I was disappointed to see both sides of the Point-Counterpoint debate argue in favor of the smoking
ban in Appleton. More good evidence that you can no longer depend on either side to defend the rights of the individual.
Property rights are essential to living in a free, liberal society. They are a fundamental,
not a luxury that is to be subjected to a vote when the mob declares that a person owning land is not in the “public interest.”
Oftentimes “workers rights” are cited in defense of the ban. There is no such thing as “the right to a job” let alone “the right to a job in a smoke free environment.” “Workers” have the same rights as the rest of us workers, the right to a job if you can earn it. No one is entitled to one. If you choose to work at an establishment with smoking, you do exactly that: choose.
Even besides the fact that it hurts area businesses,
the smoking ban is a disgusting violation
of the right of the individual to own property and dictate how they use that property. The smoking
ban should be opposed on principle
by every person who is for individual rights and against the mob rule of democracy unchecked by liberty.
-Scott Sandersfeld