Seniors finally streak

Senior Streak finally happened, on Thursday, June 3 at 12:30 a.m. after several weeks of rumored streaks and aborted attempts. The streak took place one week after the Senior Dinner.

Last November, the Lawrence University administration announced that the streak could not happen the night of the dinner, in a decision that ignited an editorial backlash in The Lawrentian and inspired plans for an all-campus streak in protest – a protest that never came to fruition.

Seniors did not get naked in the Viking Room, as in years past, but rather began the streak in Hiett Hall. Walking between Briggs and Youngchild, streakers ended their route at the Memorial Union.

Appleton police stood between Wriston and the Union to partition off the nude zone. There were no skirmishes between police and streakers. Police have traditionally kept streakers from adjacent non-campus neighborhoods during the streak.

The streaking group was significantly smaller than the past two years, and several streakers professed total sobriety. Excessive drinking, along with body image problems, was cited as a main reason the university sought to disassociate the streak from Senior Dinner.

Several Greek organizations brought out large contingents to the event, with many Phi Delts carrying signs cheering on their seniors.

Former Kappa Alpha Theta President, senior Julia Beien was among those who took part in the streak. “I was very proud that almost all of our graduating seniors streaked, and got completely naked. Most of the [Delta Gammas] kept their underwear on!”

The only known injury during the event as of press time was of a non-senior Theta who cut her hand removing broken glass from the streak route and received first aid from a security officer.